• Helps bonding between mother/father and baby.
  • It is effective in releasing spasms and toning floppy muscles.
  • Teaches the baby to feel loved, valued and secure.
  • Increases the mother/father’s confidence in handling the baby.
  • helps the mother read and respond appropriately to her baby’s verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • It contributes to growth and development.
  • Relieves stress. Stroking and touching your baby activates the brain to release a range of feel good hormones which  help both mother and baby feel relaxed, calm and happy.
  • Relieves wind and helps with colic.


M2BN Book Publishing attended the London Book Fair as an exhibitor on the IPG joint stand from 16- 18 April.

It was busy but at the same time fruitful. Made contacts and learnt a lot. Now it back to base follow ups.

Mary’s baby massage classes started yesterday on 21/4/12. See attached pictures.

Attended London Book Fair today. Forgot to carry a camera. Hope I’ll have luck tomorrow.

Are Apps the Future of Book Publishing? – Forbes.


                                                                                         Baby Massage Course       


                                                                                  Petts Hill Children Centre 

                                                                    Newmarket Avenue, Northolt, UB5 4HP


                                            Sessions will be every 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:00.

                                 Massage Instructor: Mary Kay, Certified Massage Instructor with IAIM.

                                     Author of Baby Massage with my Father: A Father’s Journey, and

                                                        Baby Massage with my Mother: Peer Support.

                                         For Further Information and to book a place please contact


                                                                           Mary on 07960 931326





Feb 22 2012

Peer Support – A Book Review

A few months ago, I reviewed Mary Kay’s Baby Massage with my Father: ‘A Father’s Journey for Real Parenting. I have been Asked to review her follow-up book, Baby Massage with my Mother: Peer Support, and it has taken me a while to get round to it, but here it is.

Mary Kay writes very simply yet, as a trained midwife and health visitor, she also writes with insight. He second book focuses on babies with additional needs, and the impact that this can have on new parents. As with her first, this book has the feel of a novel, as opposed to a traditional prescriptive ‘self help’ book, and this time it is written from the mum’s perspective.

Nicki and Fraser are a young couple whose baby is rushed to neo-natal unit strait after birth. He has suffered brain damage and the book chronicles the struggles of the parents to come to terms with the traumatic birth, the fact that the baby is ill, and life at home with a baby with additional needs.

It is sensitively written, and the main point is to promote the need for communication and support during difficult circumstances such as these. Obviously, as the title suggests, a large portion of the book is dedicated to the benefits of baby massage, and how it can help both baby and mum

I think parents of babies with additional needs would find this book useful. It is not patronising and is written in a very emphatic way, allowing new parents to see how difficult parenting a baby with additional needs is and how important it is to seek support. It is short-only 104 pages long – and is easy to dip and out of.


I have a copy of Mary Kay’s Peer Support to give away, courtesy of M2BN Publishing. If you would like to be in with a chance of winning this book, please leave a comment below.


Image source: www.m2bn.co.uk

Friday, 17 February 2012

Review Baby Massage Experience with my Mother: ‘Peer Support’ by Mary Kay

M2BN book publishing sent me a copy of Baby Massage Experience with my Mother: ‘Peer Support’ to review, the Author is Mary Kay. Mary Kay was born in Zambia & is a registered Nurse & Midwife, she works with children and their families as a Clinical Specialist, she is also a trained baby massage instructor.
The book is paper back with a RRP of £7.99. It has 113 pages which is made up of Acknowledgement, Foreword, Introduction, 11  Chapters, References  & About the Author.  


This is the second book in Mary Kay’s series of books on parenting.
Chapter 1 The Outcome Of Labour
This chapter starts off with a couple called Nikki & Fraser who were expecting their first child, the pregnancy had progressed well with no complications & were on very close to bringing their baby into the world. The labour soon turns into a dramatic scene with the baby delivered by ventouse  Nikki & Fraser baby boy did not cry & the room flooded with specialist, he needed help & was rushed up to the special care baby unit, whilst the new parents were left in limbo not knowing what was wrong with their baby boy. The DR’s eventually came to tell her they would be soon be able to see their baby boy but were told the news that they would not be able to hold him.

Chapter 2 The Unit
A nurse escorts them to see their baby boy. This chapter describes the heart break of being able to see their son but not being able to touch him, and how the couple support each other during this moment in their lives where they feel, scared, helpless and heartbroken.

Chapter 3 Waiting for Difficult News
The devastated parent are told their newborn son is suffering from seizures and needed help breathing. The couple were told their son had Neonatal Encephalopathy. They was left with he is very ill & will need to be kept sedated. The devastated parents were then left in a room with so many questions in their head, such as “why me”? “what did I do wrong”?. When your child gets diagnosed you are then left grieving for the child that you had imaged him to be.

Chapter 4 Grieving Parents
Whilst the new parents went through the grieving process they found it difficult coping with the amount of visitor’s the found themselves getting. Each new visitor mean’t they had to relive the traumatic news they had been told each time. The new parents decided on a ban of all visitors including family so they was able to come to terms with the devastating news that they had been dealt.

Chapter 5 Discharge Plan
Preparation were being made to wean Tony off the machinery that was there to support him in order to allow him to be taken home question aroused of how they would cope, what happens if their son suddenly deteriorates. Many questions like this flood your mind with a new baby let alone a child with a disability. Nikki is riding an emotional roller coaster that never ends, which is not helped by the fact that her own mother has stayed away since being told to not visit at the hospital.

Chapter 6 Peer Support
Tony’s condition had stabilised so the time came for the new parents to talk home their baby boy. Pre planned visits from the health visitor were in place & away they went home. On such visits from the health visitor she noticed that mum was suffering from Post natal depression & Tony too was lacking stimulation so it was decided that Nikki & Tony would attend a baby massage class in the hope that mum & baby would bond.Their first baby massage session begins, Nikki feels awkward because all the other babies don’t have special needs & Tony’s 1st experience of baby massage didn’t go well with him either.

Chapter 7 Referrals
This chapter talks about how or why you may be referred to baby massage and touches on the importance of touch and stimulation is to mum & baby

Chapter 8 Quality Time
this is the second week of Nikki & Tony’s baby massage sessions. Whilst the babies lay on their mats they happily communicated with each other all except Tony who due to his additional needs was behind the other babies. When a baby has addition needs it becomes more important to communicate with him so mum is able to notice any slightest change in him. During this session the massage instructor & other mum notice that Nikki had not yet bonded with her son, She happily chatted to other babies but never her own son. The instructor stepped in & on their 3rd session the format was different & Nikki soon started to communicate with Tony & both started to enjoy baby massage.

Chapter 9 Positive feedback

Tony’s follow up hospital brought positive news for the young mum, this chapter shows a change in Nikki she is now able to deal with her son & meet all his needs, so she turns her attention onto her & Fraser’s need as a couple, urging her husband not to work so late so they could have time together.

Chapter 10 Planning Ahead
this chapter is the last baby massage session, they mums happily chat about their experiences & how Nikki got her relationship back on track. Nikki was finally able to step off that emotional roller coaster and was confident in her abilities to care for her son. She suggested to the group that they keep up with baby massage , taking turns to host the sessions in their homes. Nikki’s oozed confidence and had a bond with her son.

Chapter 11 Valuable Information
The instructor tell Nikki how to move forward ensuring she has the right support from the right people, Nikki’s mother had still not made contact so she lacked the family support which is important when you have a child with special needs. The instructor encourage Nikki to keep up with the support network & evaluates how far the young mum has come.

I really enjoyed this book it took me on journey that is very familiar to what I went through when my son was diagnosed & the importance of having a strong support network around you. I love that through baby massage it allowed Nikki to communicate with her baby thus building the all important bond.

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  • Book review of Baby Massage Experience wit my Mother: ‘Peer Support’ in Touch Matters a Newsleter ofIAIM UK, Issue One 2012

This is Mary Kay’s second book following on from her previous book, ’Baby Massage Experience with my Father: A Father’s Journey’ featured in the last issue of Touch Matters.

Everyone hopes for a perfect, healthy baby, but that isn’t always the case. In her 2nd book in a series on parenting, Baby Massage Experience with My Mother: ‘Peer Support’, Mary Kay takes a sensitive look at what happens when it goes wrong and how baby massage can help.

The book is centred on Nicky who had a health, normal pregnancy. However, as soon as Tony was born, the doctors knew something was seriously wrong and took him away from her, placing him straight into an incubator in Special Baby Care Unit. Her world was turned upside down, grief and anger took over and the bonding between them just didn’t happen.

Rather than returning home to cards and balloons, Nicky and her husband had a chronically ill baby and overwhelming feelings of grief, sadness and loneliness. This was further compounded by a lack of support from family and friends, none of whom wanted to give them the help they needed.

Nicky found caring for her son and coming to terms with his condition very difficult and life became almost impossible. The new mum also had her own issues, she was diagnosed with post natal depression. In time, she tried baby massage as it was felt that this social, sensual activity would be beneficial for her and Tony. Initially it was difficult to know how he felt about the experience because he was constantly irritable. But with time he started to feel safe and loved, as he interacted with his mummy in his own way and really got to know her. The mother too became more confident with her child, got of the house more and started mixing with other mums which made her happier. Love soon blossomed between them and baby massage and support from peers were key to this.

Mary Kay said, “We all expect babies to be born healthy but when things don’t quite go to plan, our worlds fall apart. I’ve met many new parents who are overwhelmed by the responsibility and tiredness of looking after a new baby. When their child is sick and there are additional issues to face, things can just get too much”.

She added, “As a result of Tony being born very ill and with additional needs, Nicky felt frustrated, angry and exhausted and she didn’t bond with him. Over time the baby massage lessons brought the two of them together. She also found a supportive, nurturing environment at the class and made friends with other mums. This was a vital step forward and the start of a new chapter in their lives”.

For more information and to pre-order copies today, go to: www.m2bn.co.uk



Sarah’s Book Reviews

 Wednesday 25th January 2012

 Baby Massage: Experience with my mother ‘Peer Support’ by Mary Kay



Caring for a baby with additional needs is a difficult and heart breaking experience. Especially when there is lack of support from family and friends, as was the case with Nicky. The new mum found it very hard to care for her baby with additional needs, carrying out household chores, and most importantly, coming to terms with son s condition… Though her family lived in the same area, none of them was willing to give her the necessary support. The baby s medical condition demanded that he be separated from her immediately after birth, and this made it very difficult for her to bond with him… Nicky was later referred for baby massage. Will this experience help her bond with her baby? Will it assist her deal with her own demons that haunted her?

 I have been lucky enough to be sent another of Mary Kay’s fantastic books about the benefits of baby massage. I have previously reviewed A Father’s Journey and was very impressed with the message given out by the book and I hope it has sucessfully encouraged more fathers to try Baby Massage with their young babies. 

 This book is from the same series but this time concentrates on babies born with additional needs. It begins while the mother, Nicki, is in labour and those initial minutes after the baby is delivered and the midwives, doctors and then the family realise that something is wrong. The book is written as a story but the factual detail included is extensive. 

 The book covers much more than just the benefits of baby massage for both the baby and the mother/father. Both Nicki and Fraser’s (the parents) emotions, worries, concerns and thoughts are all included within the book, along with the feelings of the family. 

 The main part of the book is concerned with the baby massage classes and the members of that class. The tutor picks up on a number of issues concerning Nicki and Baby Tony but it is through the ‘social’ part of the session that Nicki is able to build friendships and talk unguarded about concerns she has about Tony and her marriage. As a new mum it is common to feel isolated and to stay in the home, not wanting to visit groups or meet up with others – this is true for many mothers with new borns, but for Tony’s parents, with Tony having additional needs, they feel even more isolated but after being referred to the Baby Massage group, she is able to conquer some of these fears. The book shows the benefits of support from other new mum’s and their families. 

 Although this book concentrates on Tony and his family and his specific condition, this does not mean the book isn’t something all new parents should read. The content is relevant to all – baby massage is the perfect way to interact with a young baby, understand their needs, friendship with other new mothers, and the benefits to all.

 As I said on my previous review for A Father’s Journey, this is part of a great series of books from  m2bn book publishing, which look at things from fathers and mothers perspectives and include the benefits of baby massage.

I would recommend this book specifically to fathers to be and new fathers but I think that the book series as a whole should be promoted in ante natal classes, hospital delivery and post natal wards, children’s centres and doctors surgeries to prospective parents and new parents, where there are a wide range of emotions and worries that are felt by many mothers and fathers that could be reassured by reading these books.

Thank you to the publishers, M2BN Book Publishing, for sending me the book to review.

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